Past Shows

I love going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it's my favourite time of year. Below you'll find the posters and blurbs for all the Fringe shows I have far!

Poster design by Hannah Cameron

Ali Brice's Never-Ending Pencil 2017

A monk starts the show. You'll be taken on a journey full to the brim with nonsense, heartfelt silliness and quite possibly a song! Ali Brice is a character comedian. He's chasing his dreams and has almost caught up with them. Come and celebrate the tomfoolery of life with a man whose greatest joy is making a perfect ham sandwich.

Poster design by Sean Bright man

Home Is Where Eric Meat Is 2016

Cups are important. More important to Eric Meat than they are to most people. But then Eric isn't most people, he's just one person. Come and listen to him pour out his heart. It's full to bursting with love, joy, gratitude and chips and he'd love to share everything with you.

Poster design by Sean Brightman. Photo by Ash Caffery.

Eric Meat Has No Proof, Only Memories of Pasta 2015

directed by adam larter

Brice is back with a host of silly characters. Eric Meat is heartbroken, can't cook spaghetti, and out to do what he wants. Join him as he tries to find out exactly who he is. It could be disastrous. It will definitely be ridiculous. Come, join the fun! Be sure to bring your frog hats! 

Poster design by Ellen Turnill Montoya

Eric Meat Wants to Go Shopping 2014

directed by Adam larter

The star of Weirdo's cult hit The Colonel, Ali Brice brings his long-overdue, hotly anticipated and ridiculously silly debut show to Edinburgh. Who is Eric Meat? With help from Neil Art Attack Buchanan's dad, a mannequin, the Phil Collins album No Jacket Required and other things, friends and sandwiches, he might just go shopping.


Plumpy'nut 2013

By ALi Brice and Adam larter

These two comedians have written a show for you. Crafted with love and performed with wild eyes and minimal dignity. You already know too much.

A show centred around a pig called Berb who could talk, but kept it a secret from the farmer, this is a bonkers rags-to-riches tail that is nothing more that an excuse for two best friends to have a ruddy bloody good laugh.

Poster design by

Brice & Bussell 2012

Ali Brice and David Bussell duke it out using slides, props, videos and even human words in a heroic battle to win comedy! Hotter than two explosions getting freaky in a volcano and more exciting than freefall keyhole surgery, these two comics promise to leave you reeking of miracles!

Poster Design by Steppy StepHenSon

Poster Design by Steppy StepHenSon

Brice/Stephenson 2011

One very serious comedian (Mark) and one very silly comedian (Ali) come together again for an hour of really great comedy.

Their friendship and comedy skills hardened from their debut 4-star reviewed show in 2010, they are ready to make you laugh.


Poster by Tickles

Poster by Tickles

The Very Best of Stephenson, Brice and Larter  2010

Not only is this show free, it's also really funny. Ali, Mark and Adam bring you surreal, intelligent and silly humour, respectively. It's also free. This show has variety and a kick, original. Adam Larter - ridiculous, over-the top, joke-packed. Ali Brice - surreal, punning, original. Free. Mark Stephenson - dry, witty, intelligent. Free. You're in safe. Free. Hands with this show. Free. If you go see one show between. Free. Three-twenty and. Free. Four twenty. Make it this show. For details on ticket price etc please ask on the door.